Beginners are always welcome to attend most Insight Meditation South Bay events.

To support beginners during our mixed-level sitting group in Mountain View, the teacher may guide the meditation when newcomers are present; otherwise we meditate in silence. If you would appreciate guidance, please introduce yourself to the teacher before the meditation session begins and request instructions.

Check the IMSB Calendar and program listings for upcoming courses. Also see Meditation Practices for an overview of meditation techniques and approaches taught at IMSB.

Orientation Session

Note: Orientation Sessions have not been reinstated since they were cancelled due to the pandemic.

For those new to IMSB or to insight meditation, a brief introductory session is offered periodically, immediately before the regular weekly meditation group in Mountain View. This session, led by an IMSB teacher or senior student, introduces mindfulness meditation techniques, and orients newcomers to Insight Meditation South Bay. The session will include basic meditation instructions, the opportunity to ask questions about your meditation practice, and basic information about our organization. No registration is required and you may repeat this introductory session to ask questions that may arise as you establish your meditation routine. You may bring a sitting cushion, but chairs are provided and you need only bring yourself. Look for upcoming sessions on the IMSB calendar.

Recommended Orientation Resources

  • Basic, written meditation instructions are included in the article Vipassana Practice.
  • Sign-up on our mailing list to receive our quarterly e-newsletter and announcements of upcoming events.
  • Recorded talks, written teachings, and recommended books are posted in the Teachings section of this web site.
  • For questions, visit Frequently Asked Questions or contact beginner.


With a variety of teachings offered at the meditation group in Mountain View, and monthly Saturday programs , IMSB strives to offer programs suitable for all levels of practitioners. It is our hope that newcomers will feel supported by the range, depth, and breadth of the teachings offered, and enjoy the introductory programs as well as the mixed level programs that form the core of our program.

Welcome to IMSB!