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Autumn 2022

Dear Friends of Insight Meditation South Bay,

The liberating teachings of the Buddha are always here for us, in both fortunate and difficult times. During the last few years, we have been especially grateful for the many ways that this sangha supports each other as we nurture serenity, wisdom and peace in our lives, relationships, and in the world.

Now that the pandemic has become manageable, we are joyfully rebuilding our meditation programs, greeting new and old friends at events, and actively exploring new ways IMSB can enrich your spiritual path. We welcome your ideas, involvement, and financial support to help us bring the Buddha’s teaching to meditators near and far.

Inspired by the priorities expressed in recent community surveys, this year we restored your favorite programs, such as:

  • in-person meditation group in Mountain View, CA, currently one Monday per month
  • online summer sutta study course with Bodhi Courses
  • online meditation group, currently one Tuesday per month
  • in-person half-day events
  • residential meditation retreats
  • author events with Shaila Catherine to celebrate the publication of her new book, Beyond Distraction

Attendance and feedback at these events has been gratifying. Participation at online events has remained strong. We meet newcomers who are seeking meditation instruction at each in-person event. Our Saturday program has been so well received that we are increasing the frequency to monthly beginning in January.

IMSB and our primary teacher, Shaila Catherine, rely on your generosity. Donations at events have remained low throughout the pandemic. To date, we have been able to cover the shortfall through a combination of reduced spending, release of financial reserves, and your generous response to last year’s annual appeal, in which this community provided $50,821 toward our goal of $54,000. Our goal for this year’s annual appeal is again $54,000.

Dana, or generosity, is a foundational precept in Buddhist teachings that elicits joy and benefit in both the giver and the recipient.  With your generous support, we can offer teachings on wisdom and compassion online and restore more in-person events. All donations, large and small, are appreciated. Please consider supporting us by making a tax-deductible donation to IMSB today.

Thank you in advance for all the ways you support IMSB and our mission of sharing the liberating teachings of the Buddha in this world. To share ideas or get involved, please contact volunteer.

With appreciation,

Board of Directors, Insight Meditation South Bay

Shaila Catherine, Principal Teacher
Jeff DeLisio, President
Vanessa Hinton, Co-Treasurer
Ed Haertel, Co-Treasurer
Cris Tulloch, Member
Claire Kalia, Member


  • Respond directly to this fundraising appeal by mailing a check to
    Insight Meditation South Bay
    PO Box 490
    Menlo Park, CA 94026
  • Make a contribution through our website.
  • Pledge a recurring donation. Monthly or quarterly recurring gifts help provide a stable stream of revenue throughout the year and enable us to develop a realistic budget for our activities. Recurring donations can be set up through online banking or the donation options on the IMSB website.
  • Leave a legacy to IMSB in your will. Including IMSB in your estate planning is a great way to offer a valuable gift. As a nonprofit incorporated as a church, IMSB can accept gifts of cash, stocks, and real estate properties.

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