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Autumn 2023

Dear Friends of Insight Meditation South Bay,

Our appreciation for the powerful teachings of mindfulness and wisdom continues to grow as we revitalize dhamma friendships, embrace both online and in-person opportunities, and leave behind the pandemic years. It may feel a bit like returning from a long retreat—we notice greater calmness, understanding, and equanimity, but sometimes it can feel like riding on a roller coaster.

We can help each other reinforce our determination to deepen our practice, and to pass on the amazing gift of the Buddha’s teaching to future generations. So, we ask you to renew your contribution to this effort.

We continue to adapt our programs to the needs of meditators near and far. We strive to enrich your practice by organizing local events, and by co-sponsoring Shaila Catherine’s Bodhi Courses and Retreats that serve meditators across the globe.

We have gradually restored in-person events with three Bodhi Retreats in the western, northern, and southeastern regions of the USA. Our monthly Saturday afternoon events have been so well received that we intend to feature the Saturday program as the core of our 2024 local in-person program. If you live near or visit the Bay Area, please join us for a Saturday meditation!

To support these efforts and to create new programming, IMSB relies on the generosity of its members. With significantly reduced in-person programming compared to pre- pandemic years, our month-to-month revenues have greatly declined while inflation has raised our rents and monthly expenses. Therefore, this end of year appeal is more important than ever to support our ability to offer the teachings of the Buddha.

Our goal is to repeat or exceed last year’s generous response of $51,000. All donations, large and small, are appreciated and bring us closer to that goal. They provide the material support and encouragement that we need to continue this work and sustain our principal teacher.

In addition to financial support, we welcome your input and volunteer engagement. To share your ideas and get involved, please send an e-mail to volunteer.

We thank you in advance for your practice and all the ways you continue to support our mission to bring the liberating teachings of the Buddha forward into our dynamic and ever-evolving world.

With appreciation,

Board of Directors, Insight Meditation South Bay

Shaila Catherine, Principal Teacher
Jeff DeLisio, President
Vanessa Hinton, Co-Treasurer
Cris Tulloch, Member


  • Respond directly to this fundraising appeal by mailing a check to
    Insight Meditation South Bay
    PO Box 490
    Menlo Park, CA 94026
  • Make a contribution through our website.
  • Pledge a recurring donation. Monthly or quarterly recurring gifts help provide a stable stream of revenue throughout the year and enable us to develop a realistic budget for our activities. Recurring donations can be set up through online banking or the donation options on the IMSB website.
  • Leave a legacy to IMSB in your will. Including IMSB in your estate planning is a great way to offer a valuable gift. As a nonprofit incorporated as a church, IMSB can accept gifts of cash, stocks, and real estate properties.

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