The human experience is the experience of interdependence. It naturally follows that as our awareness grows, we will welcome the opportunities that abound within our everyday lives to support  organizations, communities, and teachers who are dedicated to serving the dhamma.

Generosity (dāna) is the first of the ten beautiful qualities, or paramis, taught by the Buddha. Acts of generosity enable us to express our gratitude; to practice letting go; and to cultivate qualities of loving-kindness and compassion. In ancient times, townspeople practiced dāna by offering food to monks and nuns on alms rounds, and the spirit of this selfless offering persists to this day.

Generosity may come naturally to some people, but most of us must intentionally cultivate it. Practicing generosity develops awareness of community, dissolves the artificial boundaries we build around ourselves, and brings happiness and joy. It is a vital element of the liberating path.

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