General Scholarship Fund

Insight Meditation South Bay frequently receives requests from students who need financial assistance to attend meditation retreats or study courses. Each year the requests for scholarship support increases.

Although the majority of Insight Meditation South Bay’s events are offered on a purely donation (dana) basis, registration fees are attached to certain multiple day events, online courses, and residential retreats. The generosity of donors to our Scholarship Fund has made it possible for participants with financial need to attend our retreats.

Monastic Scholarship Fund

We value the interaction between our lay community and the local monastics, and enjoy inviting members of the monastic community to join us on retreat or for sutta study courses. If you wish to enable monastics to attend our programs you may designate your gift specifically for our Monastic Scholarship Fund.

Ways To Give

Click here for information on how to donate to IMSB and designate the gift as Scholarship Funds.

For more information:

Contact treasurer
for information about supporting the fund.

Contact retreats to request scholarship support for a retreat or course.