Do you have a tendency to find fault with yourself, others, or the situations that occur around you?

In The Art of Disappearing by Ajahn Brahm, page 91-95 we find a important practical suggestion: to investigate the fault-finding mind. Notice if and when your attention slides into negativity, criticism, and blame. Investigate that experience: how do you feel? what triggered the fault-finding reaction? what effect does your reaction have on yourself, others, and the situation? what might be another way of responding?

Ajahn Brahm suggests applying the AFL code: ACKNOWLEDGE the situation, error, or condition; FORGIVE whoever is involved; ask yourself what you can LEARN that would bring wisdom to your experience. This simple process (AFL) can interrupt the patterns of guilt that might sabotage our growth.

Walking the Path participants may discuss what you learn through your investigation of the fault-finding mind with your Dhamma Buddy before our meeting October 12. To prepare for our October meeting, please read the remaining chapters in the book, that is, chapters 9, 10, and 11, and also chapter 1. The focus for our final meeting Oct 12 will be What is Not-Self?.