IMSB offers many diverse programs that explore a broad range of Buddhist teachings and nurture the development of mindfulness, concentration, and liberating wisdom. It is our aim to offer programs that retain the depth and liberating potential of traditional Buddhist trainings, yet present these teachings in ways that are relevant to the lives of busy lay people who are fully engaged in today’s dynamic world.

Our approach is rooted in the Theravada Buddhist tradition. We have left most ritual and foreign cultural trappings behind to focus on the practical core teachings that enable practitioners to understand and transform the causes of suffering in their lives.

We offer programs both locally and online. Some programs occur in drop-in weekly or monthly formats, while other courses or retreats require advanced registration and run for designated time periods.

Most programs welcome participants at any level of experience, although some retreats and courses might be specifically designated for beginning meditators or advanced practitioners.

Follow the links to the calendar and programs pages to find out more about the wide array of retreats, online courses, sitting groups, and discussion groups offered through IMSB.

Read our Concentration and Jhana FAQ page if you are interested in a jhana retreat with Shaila Catherine.