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Living Without Enemies A Weekend ONLINE AT-HOME Sutta Study Retreat with Shaila Catherine June 28 – 30, 2024 The Buddha said, "The world may quarrel with me, but I do not quarrel with the world." How can we live our lives without hate—without making anyone into an enemy? This program will use both sutta study [...]

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Retreat in Georgia | Insights into Emptiness

Calvin Center 13550 Woolsey Road, Hampton, GA

Insights into Emptiness: Meditations on the Six Senses A 10-day meditation retreat with Shaila Catherine November 7 – 17, 2024 at Calvin Center, 13550 Woolsey Road, Hampton, GA 30228 (near Atlanta, GA) The retreat begins with registration from 2:30 – 4:00 pm on Nov 7. The retreat ends around noon, before lunch on November 17. [...]

Spiritual Experience & Aspiration: Bold Talk On Awakening


A Weekend ONLINE AT-HOME Retreat with Shaila Catherine January 24 – 26, 2025 Do you aspire for awakening? Do you ponder spiritual experiences that have occurred in your practice? This program will provide an opportunity for meditation practice along with frank and bold discussions on themes of awakening, and spiritual aspirations, experiences, or meditative attainments. [...]

Get Tickets $260.00 – $700.00


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