We concluded our six-week series on Right View last night with a talk and discussion on the Dangers of Fixation. Audio recordings will be posted at: https://staging.imsb.org/teachings/audioSeries.php.

The experience of right view does not require adherence to a set of beliefs or doctrines; it is not a theoretical position or social position. Right view occurs with a direct insight into the ordinary experiences of mind and matter. What are you experiencing now? Can you see the experience of mind and body clearly—as impermanent, unsatisfactory, and empty phenomena?

Usually we add interpretations and stories to the manifestations of body and mind, constructing elaborate concepts out of the momentary experiences we encounter. But when you mindfully look into the nature of your mind and body, what do you see?

Drop the stories, interpretations and views about your life, and then investigate the conditioned nature of experience. Letting go of the distortions of fixed views and positions will allow Right View to emerge as a clear perception of things as they are.

This radical honesty of mindful attention is liberating.