Valley Insight Meditation Society

Day-long in Vermont – Liberating Attitudes

Valley Insight Meditation Society Lebanon, NH

Liberating Attitudes a day of meditation with Shaila Catherine This program will explore liberation from the perspective of the attitudes and approaches that support the experience of release, peace, and awakening. The day will include instructions and dhamma teachings to nurture the development of mindfulness and loving kindness. This program is appropriate for new and [...]

Daylong on Concentration in New Hampshire with Shaila

Valley Insight Meditation Society Lebanon, NH

Developing Right Concentration a day of meditation with Shaila Catherine This day-long program will encourage the deepening of concentration through a relaxed and skilled development of mindfulness with breathing practices, cultivated through sitting and walking meditation, and applicable to daily life. The teachings will explore the role of concentration on the liberating path, and introduce the [...]

Day of meditation with Shaila – in Hanover, NH

Valley Insight Meditation Society Lebanon, NH

Shaila Catherine will offer a day-long retreat in Hanover, NH. Theme: The Art of Not-Clinging This daylong program will highlight the subtle dynamics of clinging and not-clinging as we practice the art of letting go. The Buddha described four kinds of clinging: 1) clinging to sensual pleasures, 2) to views and opinions, 3) to rituals [...]


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