Have you made a new year’s resolution for 2011? Although it may be artificial to make resolutions, like going to the gym or losing weight, that are all too quickly forgotten, it can  be useful to reflect on this transition to the new year. Reflect on the past year, month by month. Try to recall some events or activities that happened in each month. How did you manifest your life in 2010? Draw out a few lessons learned or encounters appreciated, and then turn your focus toward the future.

What are your deepest priorities in your life now?  What do you want to accomplish? In what areas do you wish to grow? What do you really want? Are your activities aligned with your wisest intentions? Is there an area that you can bring more mindfulness to in 2011? Do you wish to cultivate a deeper spiritual life—if so, what would you like to do to strengthen your practice?

Happy New Year blessings for all!