I just returned from teaching the New Year’s retreat for the Mariposa Sangha near Austin, Texas. What a lovely meditation community it is! I first taught in Texas in 1998 as a last minute substitute teacher when a colleague suffered a sudden accident and could not travel. I have returned several times since then, and continue to enjoy these visits to share the dhamma in a land famous for armadillos (we have given the nickname “Dharmadillo” to the armadillo who nests near the meditation hall), big trucks, and beefy barbeques. As I departed after the retreat I was vividly aware of being touched by this small meditation community; my heart felt warmed; I was smiling; and I felt deep appreciation for the sincere and simple ways that kind people interact to develop wisdom and virtue in their local communities. The beautiful work that is being done by small meditation groups throughout the country is a joy to encounter.

Three bows to all who do a little something to nurture wisdom, compassion, and meditation everywhere.