Residential and Multi-day Retreats

What is the general format of residential retreats?

Residential retreats are silent retreats. We speak only during Q&A sessions, during interviews with the teacher, and during work-meditation periods, when necessary. Days usually consist of alternating sitting and walking meditations, with a dhamma teaching in the morning and/or the afternoon or evening, and breaks for breakfast, lunch, and a light evening meal. The first [...]

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Do you offer scholarships for retreats?

Yes, we are usually able to offer a modest, partial scholarship if you are in need. The amount of scholarship we can offer depends on the amount that is in our scholarship fund when we begin the registration process. You may also structure a payment plan with the registrar, or offer volunteer services in exchange [...]

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What is the fee for attending a retreat and what does the fee cover?

Retreat fees vary depending on the length and location of the retreat. Retreat fees cover the rental of the retreat facility, insurance, printing costs for any study material, and other miscellaneous administrative costs. Residential retreat fees also cover housing costs, food, and cook’s services. Retreat fees do not include wages or compensation for the teachers. The teachers rely [...]

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