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Due to the coronavirus concerns, we have converted our Thursday evening course into an online format. We changed the time to enable meditators in other time zones to join us. Register Now! Scroll for tickets below. 

Five Doorways to Finding Balance

The Spiritual Faculties in Meditation and Life

A six-week ONLINE course led by Kim Allen and Shaila Catherine

When the ground shifts beneath our feet, how do we orient? What is reliable, both as an inner refuge and as a source from which to act? Buddhist teachings emphasize the impermanence and unreliability of the world, and they also offer reliable means to navigate such a world skillfully, such that our life becomes a path to Awakening. In this series, we will explore the five spiritual faculties (trust, energy, mindfulness, concentration, and wisdom) as reference points and doorways to finding balance and clarity amidst uncertainty. Each highlights a different approach to developing the mind and to acting with wisdom and compassion in our life.

  • Jul 16: The Spiritual Faculties as Indriya: Ways to Channel the Mind, with Kim Allen
  • Jul 23: Trust, with Kim Allen
  • Jul 30: Energy, with Shaila Catherine
  • Aug 6: No class. Mid-course Break.
  • Aug 13: Mindfulness, with Kim Allen
  • Aug 20: Concentration, with Kim Allen
  • Aug 27: Wisdom, with Kim Allen

VIDEO CONFERENCES: We will use the Zoom video conference platform. Zoom is easy to access via computer or phone. More information will be provided in the confirmation materials after registering. WHO SHOULD JOIN: This course intended for people who have already been introduced to mindfulness meditation. COURSE LEVELS: It is designed as a level 1-2 course. Click this link for a key to course level designations.

Visit our Teacher Page for teacher biographies and photographs. REGISTRATION: Registration is required for this course. Registration fees are non-refundable. To register, select an option under the Tickets heading at the bottom of this page. (If you are viewing this page more than two months in advance of the course, the Tickets heading might not yet appear, so please check again later.) To register for a course, you purchase one ticket, which registers you for the entire class series. You only need to register once; you do not need to register separately for each class session. COURSE FEE: The sliding scale fee range is from $600 to $125 and will be shared between IMSB and the teacher(s). The lower end of the sliding scale is intended for those with limited financial means. The low rate of $125 is used for the most basic administrative costs. This base rate does not factor in compensation for teachers or ongoing administrative expenses for IMSB. If you pay at the mid to high range of the sliding scale, your generosity supports those with limited income in attending our programs and also supports IMSB and the teachers. We encourage you to choose the highest level that is appropriate for your economic situation. SCHOLARSHIP ASSISTANCE: A limited number of scholarships at the rate of $62.50 are available for those with very limited financial means. To request this scholarship rate, please inquire with the registrar prior to selecting a ticket by contacting ThursdayClass. The registrar will send recipients of scholarships a coupon code that will lower the base rate by half during the registration process. TAX DEDUCTIONS: The basic registration fee is not tax deductible. Donations above the base rate will be considered voluntary contributions and are deductible for any amount that is over the base rate. Each January, the IMSB treasurer sends donors letters that acknowledge the amount given for the previous year that is above the basic rate; this serves as documentation for tax deduction purposes. CANCELLATION POLICY: All fees and payments are non-refundable. If it becomes necessary to cancel participation in a course, and the registrar is notified prior to the start of the first class meeting, your registration fee will be converted into a voucher creditable towards the fee for a future IMSB Thursday class. Vouchers must be used within one year of the initial course start date, and may be transferred to only one future course. Cancellations that occur after the start of the first class are not eligible for the voucher credit.

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