Philip Jones began meditation practice in the Zen Buddhist tradition in 1987. In 1992 he started practicing Insight Meditation. He began teaching Insight Meditation in 1996, first in Columbia, MO and then also on retreats in the Midwest. He initially studied with teachers from Spirit Rock and the Insight Meditation Society and graduated from the first Spirit Rock Community Dharma Leader program in 2000. He studied with Matthew Flickstein for ten years and more recently has been studying with Bhikkhu Anālayo, Shaila Catherine, and Ann Dillon. Phil was a co-founder of Show Me Dharma and served as a leader and a teacher from 1993-2006. He founded and led the Silent Mind-Open Heart sangha in Columbia from 2008-2019. In 2018 he re-joined Show Me Dharma and the Teachers Collective. He has also served on the board of directors of Mid America Dharma, a regional Insight Meditation retreat organization, since 1994.