Matthew Hahn is a member of the Boundless Freedom Project and a program facilitator for Mindful Prisons, a mindful community meeting behind the walls of San Quentin State Prison. A co-founder of the Recovery Dharma program, he teaches mostly to members of the system-impacted and recovery communities. Practicing the Dhamma since 2005, Matthew sat with his first sangha as a prisoner in Folsom State Prison. Since coming home in 2012, he has practiced principally within the Insight tradition, but has also studied in Burma within the Mahasi-U Pandita lineage. Matthew has been mentored for many years by his principal teacher, Matthew Brensilver, as well as other teachers within the Insight and Theravadan traditions. He was empowered with lay ordination by Venerable Pannavati and the late Ashin U Pannadipa.