Hugh began his meditation practice in the late 80s, when he was introduced to Tibetan Nyingma Buddhist meditation practices and philosophy by Peggy Lippitt. The focus of this practice, as it was taught by Peggy was the cultivation of the Four Immeasurables; Loving kindness, Compassion, Sympathetic Joy and Equanimity as antidotes to the 3 poisons of Greed, Hatred, and Ignorance.

After Peggy’s death in 1999, Hugh started attending Sunday morning sittings at Deep Spring Center and soon was an active member of the community studying Insight or Vipassana Meditation. It is at Deep Spring Center that Hugh met his 2nd teacher Susan Weir. He began a 3 year teacher training program in 2009 and started team teaching ‘Introduction to Insight Meditation’ classes in 2012.

Hugh left Deep Spring Center in 2013, attending Insight Mediation Ann Arbor for a while and then finally landing at the Still Mountain Buddhist Meditation Center.

Hugh has led Introduction to Insight Mediation classes in both the Ann Arbor and Plymouth/Canton areas.

Hugh worked at Ford Motor Company for 34 years and is now retired. Hugh has been married for 36 years and has 3 adult children. He lives in Canton and is a home visit volunteer at Angela Hospice (in Livonia).

His meditation practice is primary Insight meditation, he continues to use some of the guided meditations, like Tonglen.