Ajahn Brahmāli was born in Norway in 1964. He first became interested in Buddhism and meditation in his early 20s, whilst on a visit to Japan. After hearing teachings from Ajahn Brahm, he decided to travel to Australia to train at Bodhinyana Monastery where he took full ordination in 1996, with Ajahn Brahm as his preceptor. Ajahn Brahmāli is renowned for his excellent knowledge of the Pali language and his enthusiasm for teaching the suttas. He is also well known as a scholar of the Vinaya—the monastic rules and procedures—which he is currently translating into English. Ajahn Brahmāli’s clear and insightful talks help make the Buddha’s teachings accessible to all. He is regularly invited to conduct retreats in Australia, South-East Asia, Sri Lanka, and Europe. Ajahn Brahmāli has also published numerous essays on important points of Dhamma, including the legitimacy of bhikkhuni ordination, of which he is a supporter.