Aishin Leonard is a passionate Buddhist practitioner, mindfulness facilitator and consultant. Her doorway to practice opened in 2009 when she developed a chronic pain condition that left her bedridden and wheelchair bound. After many years of intensive retreat practice primarily in the Theravada tradition, including a year at a Sri Lankan monastery, she began to develop techniques to help change her relationship with severe, often debilitating pain and experience moments of profound freedom. These experiences inspire and guide her work with clients as a facilitator at pain management centers in the South Bay, as a consultant for Headspace Inc. helping to develop compassionate, insightful pain management tools, and as a coach with individuals in her private practice. She is an IMTA Certified Mindfulness Teacher and coach of Unified Mindfulness with Shinzen Young. Aishin also teaches mindfulness to first responders, police officers, and other civil servants in the nation’s first PTSD rehabilitation program for work related injuries.