Donations for IMSB and our Teachers

Please donate using the standard secure PayPal Donate button below to make a one-time or recurring donation. You do not need a PayPal account to use this button. You may give either through your credit card or PayPal account.

Recurring Monthly Donations

Please establish a monthly donation to support IMSB and our teachers. Recurring monthly donations for IMSB and our primary teacher would provide a welcome pool of ongoing support to get us through these difficult times. It is easy to do. After you type in the amount of your donation, just click the option box to make it a monthly gift.

Our Situation

Without the opportunity to set out a physical Dana Basket, we rely upon your diligence to make online contributions or mail a check (PO Box 490, Menlo Park, CA 94026). We are asking for your help now, because in recent months our receipts have dropped dramatically. Even when few donations are coming in, IMSB’s expenses continue at approximately the same level whether our programs occur in-person or online Most of our organizational expenses have remained constant; fees for online services have increased; we continue to pay rent (albeit at a reduced rate) to support our church sites even when we are not meeting in-person. And when dana seems too meager for our guest teachers, IMSB bumps-up guest teacher dana to a modest yet respectful level. This practice of teacher dana bump-up previously happened only rarely, but it has been the universal experience since we moved our programs online.

Your gift will really make a difference! Please give generously to support these dhamma programs!

Directing Your Gift

To offer teacher dana, designate your gift as “Teacher Dana”. To direct a monthly donation to be shared amongst all the Tuesdays Online events during that month, designate your donation as “Tuesdays Online”. Undesignated gifts are used for IMSB operational expenses and where we see the greatest need.

Tax Deductible

Insight Meditation South Bay is incorporated in the State of California, and is recognized as a charitable organization by both the State of California and the Internal Revenue Service under section 501(c)(3). Contributions are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.