Speech events are a marvelous opportunities to observe the constructions of self. Notice the subtle motivations behind your speech today. When is the primary communication merely your own existence?

Sometimes what is said is not very important; what we are really saying is, “notice me, I’m here, I’m special, I am like this, I am.” It can be useful to grow sensitive to the tendency to seek respect, appreciation, confirmation, praise, or recognition. You don’t need to squelch these desires should they arise, but notice how they contribute to the development of self-formations.

Are you in a phase in your life when self-formations are valuable, or are you ready to deconstruct these processes?

You can also observe your internal dialog, ruminations, and daydreams. Make a note of moments when the thought “I am” forms. How much of your thinking is recreating and reinforcing the story of being you? What would the experience of your life be like without the burden of incessant becoming?

Enjoy the explorations of your mind.