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Are there written resources in which Shaila Catherine teaches jhāna meditation?

Shaila has authored two books that provide practical instructions for deepening concentration, establishing the four jhānas, and applying the concentrated mind to insight practice. Her first book, Focused and Fearless, emphasizes mindfulness with breathing (anapanasati samadhi) as the means for developing the sign of concentration (nimitta) and entering jhāna. Her second book, Wisdom Wide and [...]

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Are Shaila’s talks available online?

Shaila freely shares many of her talks on diverse aspects of the dhamma through the IMSB portal of the Dharma Seed Library. Shaila does not, however, share in-depth teachings on jhāna and concentration so publically. She has found that more context is required for the subtle teachings of jhāna to be wisely undertaken and integrated [...]

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What resources are available online?

Shaila offers a series of online courses in the development of concentration and insight through Bodhi Courses, an online Buddhist classroom. She usually offers two courses per year. Each course includes lectures, readings, guided meditations, reflective exercises, and discussions that are intended to deepen concentration and lead to enlightenment. Online courses are excellent opportunities to [...]

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Resources for undertaking Jhāna Practice with Shaila Catherine:

Online Courses by Bodhi Courses https://www.bodhicourses.org Shaila's Retreat Schedule https://staging.imsb.org/events/category/retreat/list/ First Book: Focused and Fearless https://shailacatherine.com/2008/05/15/focused-and-fearless/ Second Book: Wisdom Wide and Deep https://shailacatherine.com/2011/09/15/wisdom-wide-and-deep/ An In-Depth Interview with Shaila Catherine by Wisdom Publications. https://learn.wisdompubs.org/podcast/shaila-catherine/ Audio Recordings: https://imsb.dharmaseed.org Schedules, events, teachings, and resources can usually be found on Insight Meditation South Bay's website: www.imsb.org.

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