Saturday we focused on cultivating a joyful and balanced mind—finding equanimity in the midst of our lives, coming back to balance whenever we ‘lose it’, cultivating balanced effort in the meditation, discovering the support of a dynamically balanced posture, and developing depth in the meditation by balancing our faculties (faith and wisdom, energy and concentration, and cultivating mindfulness as the naturally balanced factor). Here is a quote from Focused and Fearless to support the exploration of balance:

“In India, my teacher was not interested in experiences confined to a formal meditation session. Insight must be lived. When Poonjaji saw me enter very quiet, rapturous states while sitting still, he would send me to the bazaar, to the kitchen, or to run an errand. He insisted that no distinction be made between the tranquillity of the sitting meditation and the busy haggling of the Indian bazaar. A peace that was worth attaining must remain utterly undisturbed and undistracted in the chaotic moments as well as the still moments, equally present to an experience of comfort or pain, equally balanced when things work out conveniently or inconveniently. Equanimous, we cease imposing our personal preferences and demands on life.”

—Shaila Catherine. Focused and Fearless, page 39