I have been invited to attend an interfaith symposium at a Shivananda Ashram. As the Buddhist representative I give talks and workshops and may participate in the activities of the ashram to whatever extent that I wish. I am quite impressed with their disciplined schedule. Every day starts with a program of morning meditation, chanting, and teachings from 6-8 am, followed by yoga from 8-10am. Breakfast is a welcome event at 10:00. The day is filled with workshops and service activities and the general work of maintaining the ashram, until the afternoon yoga sessions 4-6pm with dinner at 6pm. Then the community gathers together for the evening program of meditation, chanting, and teachings from 8-10pm. This is the daily life at the ashram.

I’m inspired to carve out just a little more time for sitting, movement, and study practice in my own life. Do not to wait for a yoga vacation, try to give some time each and every day to the cultivation of mindful presence in silence and in activity–then life itself will be a yoga vacation.