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How conduct bears fruit – a talk on the precept of not-killing.

Shaila Catherine gave a talk for Sangha Live on the theme of How Conduct Bears Fruit. It is an exploration of the first precept, to refrain from killing. She explores the fruits of karma and the consequences of action through a detailed consideration of why and how we practice ethical precepts. The focus for today's talk [...]

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Joy of Seclusion

Wisdom Publications has shared an article on "The Joy of Seclusion." This piece is based on a chapter from Shaila Catherine's book, Focused and Fearless. Enjoy it here:

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Strengthening Concentration – Shaila speaks at Dhamma Center

Shaila Catherine will be the guest teacher for an event over zoom organized by the Dhamma Center in the United Kingdom. Strengthening Concentration Saturday, May 6, 2021 10:00 AM Pacific Time  For information about how to join and the zoom link visit:

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Join an online course to Cultivate the Jhana Factors

Shaila Catherine will offer Cultivating the Jhana Factors. It is a brilliant online course that nurtures the profound qualities and mental skills that support deep concentration. Registration ends April 27, 2021. Register Now at: This is what one student said: “Studying with Shaila has demystified Jhana practice and made deep concentration available to me.”

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