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Kind Hearts Developed

The Developing a Kind Heart series recently offered at the Saratoga sitting group was warmly received. The classes covered the Brahma Viharas: Loving Kindness, Compassion, Empathetic Joy, and Equanimity. The final class was an evening of sitting and walking practice and a Metta practice. The guest teachers for this series were Kim Allen, Cheryl Branco, Berget Jelane, [...]

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IMSB members attend Satipatthana Retreat

Several IMSB members joined Shaila for a ten-day experienced practitioner retreat at Spirit Rock. The retreat was led by Venerable Analayo, Phillip Moffitt, and Shaila Catherine and followed Venerable Analayo's comparative studies of the Satipatthana sutta. The teachings presented a pragmatic approach to mindfulness that seamlessly integrates concentration, mindfulness, and insight. We were happy and proud to see our [...]

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