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60 people joined us for the launch of a new meditation group in Saratoga

The opening of our new Thursday evening meditation group in Saratoga got off to a superb start with 60 people in attendance. Shaila Catherine gave teachings on mindfulness with breathing, and we enjoyed meeting each other over refreshments. The new facility at Westhope Presbyterian Church was warm, spacious, comfortable, and very quiet. With a broad array of guest [...]

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Highlights of our 2014 Accomplishments

2014 was a productive year for IMSB. We enclosed the letter below in a recent mailing to our donors, sharing the highlights of our work in the past year. Dear IMSB supporter, With your support 2014 was an amazing and productive year for IMSB. Much of the work is quietly accomplished behind the scenes, so [...]

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A Big Thank You!

We can all take great satisfaction in our sangha’s generous response to the 2014 year-end appeal. We raised $27,254, up 39% over the total for 2013. Almost 60 donors participated, up from about 40 the year before. Historically, year-end donations have covered about half of IMSB’s operating budget each year. This past year’s gifts will [...]

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Annual Donation Recognition Letters Sent

This week IMSB mailed the annual recognition letters for tax deductible gifts. Letters were sent to the approximately 170 donors who offered dana to any of our funds (General Fund, Scholarship Fund, Teacher Dana, Karuna Fund, Building Fund) during 2014. It is our custom to track donations throughout the year and send a single convenient letter for donors tax [...]

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2015 Sutta Study Groups are off to a great start.

Three new sutta study groups have just formed that are focusing on the Numerical Discourses of the Buddha. Our Monday night online class is full with a wait list. Our Thursday night and Friday morning local groups have a lovely mixture of new and returning students, with 9-10 people registered for each section. The local groups can accommodate [...]

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Elder Care and Service As Practice

A new project that involves volunteering at a nursing home or helping care for the elderly is reviving IMSB's Outreach Committee. If you are interested in joining with other sangha members to explore service as an integral aspect of your mindfulness and compassion practice, please contact Sonali at service. We welcome input, ideas, and eager volunteers. We are currently [...]

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