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It is time for our annual fundraising appeal!

Less than half of IMSB's expenses are covered by donations through event baskets. We rely upon your generous response to this annual appeal, and appreciate each and every contribution. Please read our Annual Appeal and Donate Now.

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We are expanding! Join our new Thursday meditation program in Saratoga

IMSB is offering a new series of courses in Saratoga, just 2 blocks off Highway 85 (map). This new group will emphasize the development of mindfulness and is designed to help newcomers establish a meditation practice and gain an overview of basic Buddhist principles. Cultivating Mindfulness Developing the Heart Strengthening Mindfulness Overcoming Obstacles to Meditation Fundamental Buddhist Principles Read more [...]

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Welcome to our new website! We value your input.

We are delighted to launch this new website. It represents the dedicated work of several volunteers, each of whom contributed vision, skill, time, and creativity to create this site. If you find anything amiss, please let us know so that we can correct or improve it. Send comments, corrections, and suggestions to webmaster. And if you'd like [...]

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