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Mindful Listening

We concluded our Mindful Speech series with a discussion of Mindful Listening.  Reflective suggestions for this week included: 1. During conversations this week, notice if you tend to listen or speak more? When you are listening, are you fully present? Notice if you are planning your response, interrupting, or searching for the next opportunity to speak? [...]

2012-12-15T20:25:30-08:00December 15th, 2012|Daily Life Practice, Sangha Practice|

Criticism and Boasting

In this week’s exploration of mindful speech at the Tuesday night meditation group, we read the description of a “superior person” (Anguttara Nikaya IV:73). The superior person had four attributes regarding speech. A Superior Person…. 1. does not reveal the faults of others. But if pressed to answer, he criticizes others hesitantly, incompletely, and with omissions. [...]

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