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Happy Wesak

Today, on the full moon day in May, we are celebrating the Buddhist holiday known as Wesak. It commemorates the Buddha's birth, death, and enlightenment.  Today we reflect upon the Buddha, the Dhamma and the Sangha—the three jewels. I love this holiday.  It is a time to remember the Buddha, celebrate his life and accomplishments, [...]

2011-05-17T21:29:04-07:00May 17th, 2011|Sangha Practice, The Buddha|

Guinea pigs

Last week I traveled to the University of Wisconsin to participate in a scientific study of experienced meditators. It seems to be a rigorous study that is looking at the effects of mindfulness and loving kindness on stress, sleep, lifestyle choices, brain function, attention, and compassion. I don’t really know exactly what they are studying [...]

Breaking Out from the Shell

The plum tree near my driveway has a nest of robins--the eggs hatched a couple of days ago. The bird box that I hung on the eucalyptus tree outside our kitchen last year now is home to a family of small blue birds. Spring is a time when many creatures are diligently nurturing their young. [...]

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