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A Question of Devotion

Perhaps the most obvious similarity between the representatives of the world religions at this interfaith symposium is their sweet devotion to their practices, faith, and gods. I must say that I feel a bit like the odd person in this group in this regard, because my relationship to the Buddha is not obviously one of [...]

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Vipassana–Buddha’s contribution

One of the most obvious element of meditation that Buddhism brings to the table at the interfaith symposium is the practice of insight meditation (vipassana). At this interfaith symposium, each mystical tradition offered meditative practices, but most seemed to be within the category of practices that Buddhism would define as concentration training. When we use [...]

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Christian Meditation and Silent Prayer

Perhaps the richest moments for me at this interfaith symposium have been dialogs with Rolf Fernandez, who lived as a Franciscan monk for over 40 years and now serves in the capacity of a lay minister.  His down to earth devotion to the divine, acceptance and friendliness toward all whom he meets, and disciplined daily [...]

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Kabbhalah: Jewish Mysticism

At this interfaith symposium, I attended an inspiring presentation by the scholar, Daniel Matt, on Kabbhalah, which is a form of Jewish mysticism that seems to address contemplations of nothingness and being, emptiness and fullness, the divine and the incarnate. It was fascinating to listen to their descriptions of nothingness, which at moments sounded remarkably [...]

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Disciplined Relaxation—a yoga vacation

I have been invited to attend an interfaith symposium at a Shivananda Ashram. As the Buddhist representative I give talks and workshops and may participate in the activities of the ashram to whatever extent that I wish. I am quite impressed with their disciplined schedule. Every day starts with a program of morning meditation, chanting, [...]

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In our recent day long program we worked with the practice of forgiveness using three phrases: If I have hurt or harmed you, knowingly or unknowingly, through thought, word, or deed, I ask for your forgiveness. If you have hurt of harmed me, knowingly or unknowingly, through thought, word, or deed, I forgive you. If [...]

Memorizing Suttas

Readers who have studied the suttas with me will know that I often ask students to memorize passages from the texts. By selecting a passage that resonates with us, working with it, reciting it daily, and reflecting upon it, we engage more actively with these teachings. Then we enjoy hearing what each person set to [...]

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What is enlightenment?

The term Bodhi, in the language of ancient Buddhist scriptures, is usually rendered into English as enlightenment, awakening, lofty or liberating knowledge. Awakening implies a waking up from being lost in distorting perceptions and unknowing, to see and know experience exactly as it is actually occurring. The term awakening is quite appropriate, given how much [...]

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