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A balanced use of wealth

Dhamma practice is not limited to how we feel the breath when meditating. How we handle money and wealth is also an important part of our dhamma practice. We can bring wisdom into our financial and consumer activities—how we earn, how we invest, how we spend, how we save, and how we give. The Buddha [...]

2017-02-16T09:34:58-08:00January 26th, 2011|Daily Life Practice|

Count your blessings

I asked our Cultivating Joy class to count their blessings this week–to recognize and make a list of the many wonderful and fortunate events that fill their days. It may sometimes seem that our lives are routine, dull, or even tinged toward the grumpy, depressing, or hopeless side of things. In contrast, the suggestion to [...]

2017-02-16T09:34:58-08:00January 15th, 2011|Daily Life Practice, Loving Kindness and Compassion|

Put a retreat on your calendar

By now you probably have a new calendar for 2011. Have you blocked out time for retreat? I like the old fashioned paper calendars myself. I've got bold lines through the weeks that I have reserved for my own retreat practice. If we don't schedule our retreats in advance, the trivial busyness of life all [...]

2017-02-16T09:34:59-08:00January 3rd, 2011|Meditation|

New Year’s Reflection

Have you made a new year's resolution for 2011? Although it may be artificial to make resolutions, like going to the gym or losing weight, that are all too quickly forgotten, it can  be useful to reflect on this transition to the new year. Reflect on the past year, month by month. Try to recall [...]

2011-01-03T23:12:42-08:00January 3rd, 2011|Daily Life Practice|

Dhamma in Texas

I just returned from teaching the New Year's retreat for the Mariposa Sangha near Austin, Texas. What a lovely meditation community it is! I first taught in Texas in 1998 as a last minute substitute teacher when a colleague suffered a sudden accident and could not travel. I have returned several times since then, and [...]

2011-01-03T22:53:22-08:00January 3rd, 2011|Loving Kindness and Compassion, Meditation|


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